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           Kanchananukroh School is the quality and learning prototypes school to the International Standards according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy.


     Kanchananukroh school has been established since October 5, 1930 in the name of “Kanchanaburi Girls School”. At that time, there were all girls in the school. In year 1975, the school accepted boys in the high school level (grade 10-12) and has changed the name to “Kanchananukroh School” in 1980. But people in the area usually called the school as “Kanchana.” The school colors are Red and White. As the school doesn’t have the dormitory, the students have to come to school during 8 am to 4 pm. The school located in the down town of Kanchanaburi. It is the historical place that is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. There are many beautiful waterfalls, the Bridge over the River Kwai, the Second World War Cemetery, Muang Sing Historical Park that has the ruins about the old castle in Khmer Style. The students are able to get most of the amenities from the city and are able to benefit from the tourist attractions by giving and sharing their point of views with the tourists.
             When the students finished the high school level, about 95% of them continued their education at the university. About 5% of them find their job or studied at the vocational or career institutes and go to work. Such as hair dresser, make up artist, etc. Each student has 1 or 2 siblings in their family.
             Kanchananukroh School English Programme has been permitted to teach by using English as the medium of instructions since it was started in 2003. The purpose of the programme is to help the parents who don't have enough money to send their children to study abroad or to study at the International Schools. In addition, the school has taught English to the whole students by the English native speakers teachers to enchance their English communication skills. But for the English Programme students study subject matters in English for 21 periods a week. That makes the program very popular to the parents as the numbers of the students are going higher every year. There are 3 other foreign languages teaching at school. There are Japanese, Chinese Mandarin and French were taught at school other than English.

              The relationship between students and teachers in Kanchananukroh School is very good. Students pay respect to their techers as their second parent.s The parents also trust the school as the second home. So, the students feel at home when they are at school.The school won many awards. The students won the first prize for English Impromptu Speech, Spelling Bee, English Skit, Quiz, etc. They also selected to participate in the international conference with many ASEAN students. Students are able to study at the popular university such as, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasart University which were considered the best universities in Thailand.
                  Kanchananukroh School was selected to be a World Class Standard School. The best practice school, and was considered one of the best 200 schools in Thailand. The school has signed the Memorandum Of Understand (MOU) with Hudson High School, Wisconsin, The United States of America, SMP N 1 Jakarta, SMP N 45 Jakarta, Indonesia and Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School in Japan to be sister school and has the Exchange Students Programme between each other.

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